How Much Does It Cost to Build ECommerce Website in 2020


Online stores or eCommerce websites have helped many small businesses to grow from zero to sky-heights. But the question may arise that how much does it cost to build an eCommerce website in 2020?

With the advancement of digital technologies and mediums, starting an online store is no more a headache. An eCommerce website will cost you no more than $40/month, built and maintained by professional website design agencies


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The Future of eCommerce Websites:


Forget all the tools and websites where you’ve to take care of everything from design, hosting, updates and maintenance.

Within Bucks brings out the future of eCommerce where you can simply send over the details and get a live eCommerce website within a week.

Here are the core features of an eCommerce website & comparison so you can know how much does it cost to build an eCommerce website:


Agency NameWebsite Design & SetupWebsite HostingSSL CertificateWebsite Maintenance
Within Bucks$0 $20/m$3.99/m$16/m
Beam Local$995$46/m$10/m$23/m
Outer Box$5000$300/m$8.99/m$16/m

Other than that, there are many more important features of an eCommerce website such as:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Secure Payments
  • Tax Calculation
  • Easy Checkout
  • Convertible Product & Category Pages


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Website Design & Online Store Setup: 

It’s never easy to setup and design a whole online store on your own, right? You don’t have to fall in the hassle of designing your online store through templates or drag and drop editors.

No matter how good you are at choosing the right color combos for your dresses, you can’t beat the experience of professionals who’ve studied design and marketing.

Compromising on design for saving few bucks through website builders, won’t be a good choice.

Now I’m not saying that website builders are bad, but if you don’t have any experience in design , it’s better to hire a website designer before something like this happens on your website:



OK getting back to the point; design is indeed the silent ambassador of your business. As said by one of my friend Joel in his interview:

“Design adds value faster than it adds costs” – Joel Spolsky, Web Programmer at Trello


Quality Assurance:

A perfect eCommerce website is a dream for many. Any glitch or error will leave a bad impression on your customers and you don’t want that to happen, right?

After your eCommerce website is designed and set-upped, there is a need of thoroughly checking every single aspect of the website.

Quality assurance will help you prevent any mistakes or errors and helps improve the quality of your eCommerce website.

Each page of your website will need ‘testing’ or quality checking to make sure you’re website is ready before it goes live on the digital map.


Website Hosting:

Website hosting is actually a server that hosts your website on the Internet. Without website hosting, your eCommerce website won’t run.

There are many website hosting service providers with good quality hosting but they are not quite affordable for a new business.

If you’re starting off, I recommend you to save every penny you can and invest it in your business for the long-run.

Within Bucks will provide the website hosting service within the $40/month package for eCommerce website. So you don’t have to worry about going elsewhere.


SSL Certificate:

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer Certificate is one of the most important part of an eCommerce website. You need your eCommerce website to be safe and secure on the web, and to assure that, SSL Certificate is applied on the website.

Usually the cost of a SSL Certificate is $15/month or more but with Within Bucks, you’ll get it along with the website for only $3.99/month. Here’s a comparison of different companies providing SSL Certificate:

Within BucksDigi CertEntrust SSLThawte
View PriceView PriceView PriceView Price


Mobile Responsiveness:

Majority of the users are shopping through their mobile devices. It is very much necessary to have a website that works well on every device including mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

The web development team behind Within Bucks will make sure to make every single page of your website responsive, so the user can get most out of your online store.


Secure Payments:

Secure payments for your online store will instill trust in your customers as they make their purchase.

With Within Bucks eCommerce website package, you’ll be able to accept credit cards instantly and connect with PayPal, Square, Stripe, Google Pay or any other payment gateways.


Website Maintenance:

When you’re starting off a new business, there are alot of things you’ve to manage. A new venture will ask you to stay in many shoes at one time that forces you to lose your focus.

And the worst part happens when a website bug or update occurs and you don’t have any time to fall into the technicalities again.

This eventually results in a bad customer experience which is not good for your business.

To make sure your website progress and speed don’t get neglected, the team behind Within Bucks will make sure to do the maintenance of your website and send you reports at the end of each month.

In fact, if there are any updates or changes you want in your website anytime, you can simply send it over to us and we’ll handle the rest for you without charging a single extra dollar. Now this is the future of eCommerce, isn’t it?


Tax Calculation & Easy Checkout:

Save yourself from the hassle of having to crunch the numbers. You can easily apply automatic tax calculations for all countries without wasting anytime.

Also you’ll be able to give customers a faster and easier checkout process with optional registration during check out.


Product Pages & Categories:

The design team behind Within Bucks’s eCommerce website plan will make sure to list your product variants in styles that will suit your industry.

Your products can be categorized into different variants. This will make it easier for customers to find the right products they are looking for.


Focus on Growth – We’ll take Care of the Rest:

how much does it cost to build an ecommerce website

Running your business online will definitely require some efforts. But starting off with your website and managing it isn’t one of the thing you should worry about now.

The support team of Within Bucks will be the right hand on every step of your eCommerce website.

Now all you’ve to do is to market your business efficiently or hire a marketing team, get some users coming in and watch your online business grow. Wish you all the luck!