Profitable Small Business Ideas to Start in 2019


Most of the entrepreneurs step into the world of business with strong built business ideas. This may be a little difficult for the new-age entrepreneurs. What are the profitable small business ideas in this extremely competitive business environment? This question always haunts the minds of young entrepreneurs.

Starting and managing a business may be difficult but it follows the real massive dilemma of exactly what kind of business to start. There is no denying that it is a tough decision as you get to decide only once. But you have the passion, dedication, skill, and a little capital so why should the lack of an idea stop you? That is exactly why we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most profitable small business ideas to start in 2019.

These are the growing small business ideas and opportunities that look promising soon. The ideas offer healthy ROIs and strong promises of hefty profits. If you are looking to start a business in 2019 then these ideas may be the best choice you can ever make.


Profitable Small Business to Start in 2019

This comprehensive list of profitable small businesses is divided into sub-sections such online small business ideas that can be operated from home, creative businesses that require an artful skill, b2b businesses, and many more. The structure is specially designed to provide value while saving readers’ time. You can browse the list and read only what is important to you using the sub-headings.


Small Business Ideas to Start from Home



Bookkeeping is a great rising small business opportunity in 2019. Every business needs to keep a record of the debits and credits and that is what bookkeeping provides. Lately, bookkeeping business has gone online which is promising news for the accountants as well as the businessmen. Long hours trapped inside the walls of an office prompted the accountants and bookkeeper to start working online. The businesses find the idea worthy as it saves their money and ultimately contributes to the revenue.


Business Broker:

Are you familiar with the business laws of your country? Add that information to the knowledge of business activities and you can start a broking business in 2019. A business broker is a person who assists in selling as well as buying processes for different clients. The commission is rewarded according to the sale a broker makes. The business only requires passionate research into the business laws of the locality and the assets and can produce great profits soon.


Virtual Call Center

Once there used to be a trend of regular call centers that had to rent an office space, pay utility bills, and hire people. Lately, virtual call centers are opening up that hire people all over the globe. This is a rising small business opportunity with indicators of growth in 2019.


E-Commerce Store

An e-commerce store operates and generates revenues in the same fashion your neighborhood brick-and-mortar store does. The only difference is that it can be operated from home, your garage, or anywhere you wish. It saves the rental expense, utility bills, and provides a relatively cheaper online marketing budget. Starting e-commerce might take some time but it offers you the luxury of free online tools to set up the foundation of your store. Once it is set it offers huge profit margins. The success of Amazon, Ebay, and Alibaba are the perfect examples of the potential of an e-commerce store. Get an online store store designed by pros & start your ecommerce business today!


Online Teaching Classes

The internet opened the gate for amazing things worldwide and online teaching is one of those. This provides the opportunity to amazing people around the world share their knowledge or skill to anyone, anywhere around the globe. The only investment it requires is the development of the medium you are going to choose for teaching or you can sell your courses on Udemy.

Digital courses have recently seen a spike in popularity along with the rise of e-books. Digital courses provide people an opportunity to learn from the professionals sitting in their home and the fees are extremely low compared to the traditional teaching classes. Classes can be conducted through blogs, videos, and the most popular podcasts.


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the practice of promoting others’ products and earning a commission upon the sales. Thousands of people are earning their fulltime incomes through affiliate marketing. Amazon  is the most prominent name for affiliate marketing but it isn’t the only one so you have different options to choose from. Here are three simple steps to start earning money through Amazon affiliate marketing:

Here’s a complete guide on how to make your first dollar through Amazon Affiliate Marketing.


Niche Site

Probably the most popular online small business idea is starting a niche site. All you have to do is set up a website and start blogging about something popular in society but not very much talked about.

Tip: You need to start something that you are passionate about a niche site business is a very long-term process that requires constant dedication.


Small Business Ideas for Creative Individuals


Graphic Design

Graphic designing is such a popular business that even the non-creative people are adopting it. The reasons for this are its immense need in the marketing and business world and the easy process of adapting it. All you have to do is to go through a graphics design course, learn about digital tools such as Adobe or Canva and start designing creative designs. And then you can find quality clients on sites like 99designs and many more.

Tip: Adapt this business only if you think that you are creative as the market for graphics designing is already congested and extremely competitive.



Advanced smartphones and digital cameras have made everyone passionate about photography. Though photography is a creative art and important businesses are always in need of real professional photographers. All you have to do is buy a professional camera, learn about photography, and start making some bucks.


Interior Designing

Do you frequently have ideas about decorating your living room? You can turn this idea into a profitable business. People are increasingly getting bored with conventional designs and the demand for a creative touch is high.

Tip: Build a friendly relationship with the furniture stores and manufacturers to steal off extra profits in the products. Try to target commercial spaces as much as possible.


Web Designing

Web design is a fast-growing business that will continue to grow in the coming years. The tech companies are always roaming around searching for creative web designers who can build an attractive website or application digital experience. You can easily start a web design business by taking courses in HTML and CSS. It requires no investment and has a lot of opportunities in the future.


Content Writing

Digital marketing relies on the production of unique and engaging content. With a balanced combination of good grammar, creativity, and research skills one can get good results at content writing. There are various kinds of content writing such as copy writing, product reviews, blog posts, news articles, and many more. But if you think that you have a creative mind and guts to be a writer it will generate lots of profit in the coming years.



Ghostwriting is one of the highest paying creative businesses. If you believe you are good at researching skills and building content within a certain genre then you can work for CEOs and other high-class people to earn a luxurious living.


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Small Business B2B Ideas


Consulting Services

Consultancy is on an upward rise as businesses love to pay extra money for valuable advice. If you manage to gather knowledge of business over the years, you can start the business of providing consultancy to the businesses around you. You can charge for speaking at events or even sit at the board of advisors in a company.



Even if the business owners make a strategy for their marketing plan it becomes quite difficult to execute. Companies actively search for people or teams that can help them execute the plan properly. If you intend to work independently then digital marketing practices such as SEO, blog writing, and ad posting can be a good opportunity.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the most booming business opportunities of this age. No online business can attract customers unless it shows up in Google searches. If you are looking to get the next big thing for business this year then SEO is the perfect opportunity.


Business Planning

Business planning is another booming business for recent times. Many people find it difficult to build the right plan for their business. If you have experience in writing out business plans then you can serve your business community and make money off it.


Social Media Consultant

Social media platforms are one of the major channels for businesses to get new customers. Someone who knows social media trends can start a social media consultancy firm and help companies build a strong social media presence for a fee.


Small Business Ideas for Food Lovers



Opening up a restaurant can be quite expensive but if you want to fulfill your passion for food then catering is the business to start. You will have to build a network of a commercial kitchen, servers, and assistant or head cooks but the investment in terms of cash is quite low.


Food Truck

Food trucks are the popular hit food business of our age. You can simply buy a truck, start building the list of recipes and take it out. Food trucks are successful as they offer the kind of food which is not easily available in the local stores.

Tip: Make sure that your food and truck are compliant with the regulations set by the department of health.



You don’t necessarily have to open a huge bakery for fulfilling your baking desires. Health departments allow the bakers to work from a non-commercial kitchen. Custom baking businesses design and bake items for special occasions as well as regular consumption.


The idea is the foundation of every business. If the idea isn’t up to par then the whole business would shake in its development. This list of small business ideas and opportunities is specially designed to strengthen the foundation of your next business. However, remember that it isn’t just the idea that makes a business successful. You need to time it right, dedicate your passion and time to it, and then wait for a certain period patiently before it starts generating serious revenues.