Responsive Website Design for Small Businesses


The new era first demanded small businesses to have a website and when the mobile device trend began it demanded them to make a responsive website design. A responsive website design is the one which responds and resizes itself according to the size of screen it is being viewed on. The screen can be as large as a desktop monitor, a laptop or as small as a tablet or a smart phone.

Responsive website has become the most essential tool for having a better digital presence. With the rising growth of mobile phones and tablets, a large chunk of the population is now using smaller screens to visit websites. If you want your business to reach most of the population then having a responsive website design is a must.


What is a Responsive Website Design and how it Works?

In past, businesses used to make two separate websites for their digital presence. One used to be for the viewers visiting through the desktop while the other was for the people coming via mobile phones or tablets. Then the responsive website design came into existence. The mere purpose of responsive website design was to have a single website having a single URL. But this single website design had to have an adaptable screen that could resize itself to the smaller screens as well as the larger ones.

Responsive website designs use special fluid grids. In this method, the elements of the web design are not based on pixels but proportion. If the website has three columns the designer would not specify the exact size of each column but make every single column’s size according to the other ones or the page. For example, the first column should take 40% of the page, the second one 35%, and the third one should take 25%. The media available on the website is also sized relatively and changes its size according to the column or any other website design element.


Benefits of a Responsive Website Design for Small Businesses:


So now you know what is a responsive website design. Let’s dive straight into pros of having a responsive website design for a small business:


The very first key element of any small business’ success is the authenticity and trust it builds. It becomes a bit difficult to build authenticity when you are in a digital world. First you are always in a fierce competition and second internet visitors are super impatient. A responsive website design saves your business from losing its good reputation. If a website isn’t responsive it would show good on desktop but the mobile version would be disastrous. People will have to scroll horizontally and they hate to do this. A business should be cautious in making the first impression as it is often the most important one. A responsive website design is most important for having authenticity as you don’t know which device your visitors might be using.

Better SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website on google search results. This is one of the biggest aspect of any business’s digital marketing. Businesses are competing against each other over the number one spot on google search results.

In 2016, Google announced that it would rank the responsive website designs much better than the unresponsive ones. Who knows ranking better than Google itself? This new algorithm update forced every small business owner with a digital presence to make the website design responsive.

The organic traffic to your website is extremely important if you have a small business. Small businesses start with low advertisement budgets and better SEO is a great replacement for ads. If your website is not responsive Google will keep it as a low profile website and you may lose your grip on potential clients.

Better Conversion Rates:

One thing that worsens the conversion rates the most is if the visitor isn’t pleased with the website design. The competition in every industry is increasing at an alarming rate specially in the digital world. You have to build an error-less online presence. A responsive website design helps the consumer navigate the site freely and displays every element according to his screen’s size. The chances of consumer buying into your services are much higher if the website is responsive and easy to scroll through.

User Friendliness:

Steve Jobs once famously said,

“Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Same is the case with the website design. You can add high quality images, compelling text, and visually appealing icons but all goes in vain if it doesn’t work right. A responsive website design provides the user friendliness for all devices. It adjusts itself to the size of the screen and allows the visitor to see or read anything on the website on any kind of screen. This user friendliness allows the visitor to stay on the website for longer time periods and the conversion rates increase rapidly.


Small businesses often start with no capital investment and thus have a lean budget to work with. A responsive website design is cost efficient as it saves you from making a separate mobile application for your business. Responsive website designs take less time to develop and certainly are way more cost efficient than separate mobile applications. You can have a responsive website designed, hosted and maintained for only $30/month. This cost efficiency allows you to use your budget in more effective ways.

Better Website Management:

Maintenance can be the most costly operation in the digital business. Starting something is always easier than maintaining it. Responsive website design allows you to have a single platform for every kind of device. A website needs maintenance and support 24/7/365 and if you have two separate websites then you can double the time. Also the two websites would need two different content plans and two admin panels which would soon become a headache not only for the web master but the business owner and consumers as well. A responsive website saves the maintenance time, money, and allows you to spend your resources making your SEO and content better.

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But where to get a Responsive Website Design?

Any starting small business needs to make as less mistakes as possible in the start. Making a responsive website in the start can solve most of the problems in the long run. You can manage your site better with less amount of money if you have a responsive website design working the same in every device. Get a responsive website design built for your small business within bucks. What you will get:

  • Stunning Website design
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Compelling Copy writing
  • Lifetime Support

Having a responsive website design will not only improve your digital presence, but overall business. If you still haven’t leveraged your business’s digital presence, then it’s never too late. Get a custom responsive website designed today and improve your overall performance.