Former Teachers Journey from $5000 a month to $45,000 a month.


It takes time, dedication, and passion to build a successful business online. But if you have the will and power to stand up again, life always rewards you for it.

You must have heard of dozens of businesses failing. If you think online business success is a myth, wait till you hear the success story of Shane and Jocelyn Sams.

This is a story that proves that you can build an online business sitting in your room and spending time with your family. Let’s hear it.


Living a Normal Life with Big Dreams:


In March 2012, Shane and Jocelyn were living a normal American life. They were both school teachers working 9-5 and living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Their life was good, but not what they had imagined in their 20’s. They felt as if they were missing out on ‘The American Dream’. It felt as if they were waiting to retire.

Shane and Jocelyn knew at this moment, after job losses and bad corporate experiences, they had to try something new.


Trial and Error:

Both of them reached the conclusion that they had to start working for themselves. The only question was, ‘what to do’?

They looked at many things such as sewing curtains, mowing yards, and opening a retail store. Nothing worked out for them. Both of them were busy weighing the ideas in their heads until Shane heard a podcast. He learned that a guy named Pat Flynn started selling e-books online when he lost his job. Surprisingly, this guy managed to make a good living working online.

Shane and Jocelyn decided to work online. If it had worked for Flynn, why couldn’t it work for them?


A new online life begins:

Both of them knew that they would need a website to start their online journey. The problem was that they had no idea about making a website. They put their heads into it and figured out the solution to website, sales channels, and the marketing, all by themselves.

They were taking smaller steps to build their first online business. They didn’t knew it was the stepping stone of a million dollar online business.


What to do next?

The next thing this couple had to decide was what will they do online? They had to decide among blogging, podcasts, and videos.

They knew they had all the freedom to choose, but they wanted to choose something they were passionate about. They chose blogging and podcasts (the very thing that had started it all).

They put everything aside and starting creating great content. Soon they noticed that their email list was growing and they had managed to build a small audience. Now was the time to pitch the product.


Six-Figure Selling Digital Product:

The one thing Shane and Jocelyn were sure about was their passion for teaching. They crafted some brilliant lesson plans together and decided to sell them

They had a small audience of 250-300 online and tested their product pitch with them. The market responded well and they made $2700 in the first week. They knew it was going to work well, so they left everything aside and started working ferociously.


Flipped Lifestyle:


Shane and Jocelyn realized that they had done a wonderful job flipping their lifestyle. Only a few months back, they were frustrated with their lives and suddenly they developed a love towards it.

They came to the conclusion that millions of other people must be feeling the same. Their next project was to help people flip their lifestyles.

They started a website and named it This was an immediate success as they were providing great practical life hacking principles.

“All you need is an idea for a product, and then start a website to attract customers.”- Shane and Jocelyn

They made it their responsibility to help people start successful online businesses. Shane and Jocelyn are the teachers who flipped their lifestyle from earning $5000 a month to $45,000 a month. They are now featured in many online publishers including Forbes, Huffington Post and Business Insider.


Takeaway from this Success Story:

If there is one thing to take home from this story, it is belief. Shane and Jocelyn had no idea about making a website and marketing it. But they believed in themselves and made it through.

They were just two ordinary teachers earning hand to mouth until they developed a belief. Despite the struggles, they put their heads in one direction and truly witnessed the light at the end of the tunnel.

“We help other people make money online and quit their jobs too!”

This quote is the summary why they actually succeeded in their business. Their success didn’t just end at their lives. Shane and Jocelyn are different from other entrepreneurs as they help other people stand on their feet. They instill the same belief that had worked for them in the society’s minds.

Shane and Jocelyn heard the story of Pat Flynn and thought that if it had worked for him, why couldn’t it work for them? Well, if it worked for them, why couldn’t it work for you?