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If you are an author, I bet you want the world to know you. What good are your thoughts anyways if the world doesn’t get to hear you out? Here’s why website design for authors is necessary.

Authors are thinkers and creators. Such people change the way the society looks. If you are an author it is your responsibility to let the world know what you think. It may make someone feel good, motivated, and push him or her to do some good.

Website is the best tool to help your voice reach the world. Here are some reasons why an author needs a website, how can you make one, and some good examples to help you out.


Why an Author Needs a Website?

There are many reasons why a good website design for author is necessary. However, here we list the 3 most important ones.

Your readers are interested in you:

Readers aren’t only interested in what the book says but also what the author thinks. We are living in a digital age where people look for information about the ones they are interested in. You can’t afford to be behind the curtains. A website is the best place to promote yourself as yourself. You speak to the whole world with a book. But a website lets you speak to your fans specially. You can create engaging content for your readers at your blog and let them know who you are.

You can build up a community:

Yes you can always build a community on social platforms but with website it becomes a piece of cake. Your website is the place where your readers meet you exclusively. You will find it hard to collect email addresses without having a website. You can build an email list with a website easily and convey the content to your readers at their doorstep (Inbox). A study showed that people buy books through an email more than anywhere else.

Your website is your shop:

Your website can work for you as a shop as well. It is not any rocket science to set up a shop at your website. You cannot organize your products on social media platforms like you can do at your own website. You can actually build a personal brand on your website which will help in the long term. If you think that people respect you then you can sell your services with the books as well.


How to create a website for authors?

Now you might be thinking, ‘Well, I need a website but what should it look like?’ Here are some of the key elements that a website for authors should have.




When creating a website design for author, keep in mind that the first thing that attracts the users are visuals. It’s conveys a positive image and a very good first impression. You can use stock photos or relevant images from the internet or simply use your own photo. This will make the audience feel like they are meeting with you in person.

Color Combination:


The color combination of the website should be uniform. A website with scattered colors in different pages does not appeal the visitor. The color combination you choose for your design depends upon what your work is. If you write books for children then your site should be colorful but if you are a more serious writer then the colors should be simple.




If you want your website to have an appealing interface then you should pay attention to what font you are using. It depends upon what your website is about. If you are making a site for children, then the font should look fancy and not so fancy if you are a political author. There are alot of choices available to choose the best font for your website. But make sure you choose the right one.

Essential Features:

You can add as many features in your site as you want but there are some essential features that you can’t skip.

• Newsletter Subscription: It is a great way to create a line of loyal customers and build a large fan base.

• Online Purchase Cart: People will buy when you make the sale super easy. Add a cart option to your design so that people can buy with just one click.

• Contact Us: Provide a contact form or email so your audience can contact you with ease. This will make you even more trustworthy and avoid being a celebrity.

• Blog: They read your books and they will read your blog. Put out there anything that you think and believe in. Blog is the best way to attract new readers so that they buy your next book.


Best Website Designs for Authors – Inspiration & Ideas:

J. K. Rowling

website design for authors

Who doesn’t know J.K Rowling? Look at how simple and appealing her website is. She has an enormous reputation to keep and her website design obliges well. The site features news and answers to the public pasted over a beautiful bookish background. A perfect example and one of the best authors website design.


David Sedaris:

authors website designs

Look at how this author pitches the book in the design. The entire front section of the design is covered by a book by the author. This is the sales tactic that can work for you with a website. The design covers every aspect including the bio of the author and the FAQ.


Austin Kleon:

The landing page of this website design is just awesome! You can see the published books on the left, the latest book in the middle, and the author’s biography on the right. The website contains a blog and even a map of the tours of the author.


Lesley Blume:

Lesley Blume is the best-selling author of a book written about Earnest Hemmingway. Look what the design displays on the front. Your author’s site should display boldly your specialty.


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