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If you’re a dentist or own a dental clinic, the question may have clicked on your mind several times. Why a responsive website design is important for dentists and dental clinics?

Responsive website design for dentists and dental clinics is important because it helps prospective patients find the right information, using different kinds of devices including mobiles, tablets, and desktops.

Your online presence shouldn’t be affected, no matter what device is used. So a responsive website design for dentists will make sure to deliver the right information to the user.


Get More Patients with Your Dental Website Design:

A website is typically the first thing any prospective patient looks for. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider getting a website design for your dental clinic today:


Let Patients Find You:

Putting your dental clinic on the web will help any patient find you easily on the map. And by leveraging Local SEO, they can even find your location, reviews and contact information within the search engines.

With the help of technology, businesses in every industry have drastically grown in the last 10-15 years. So does the doctors and dental surgeons.

Whatever we talk about today, didn’t even exist 10 or 15 years back. Not even the biggest companies on the internet like Instagram & Snapchat.

Smaller businesses leveraged online marketing tools to grow & it’s the power of digital that made them scale their businesses at such an epic rate.


Build a Reputation for Your Dental Clinic:

How many times you’ve bought a service or product without looking at reviews or searching about it on the internet? Not many times, right?

You’ve to make sure that you leave a good impression on the user. If they search for your name or dental clinic, they should find it right above the search results.

This will help you build a reputation for your dental clinic resulting in better business.


A Dental Website is your 24/7 Advertisement:

A dental clinic website will work for you tirelessly. You no more have to attend calls, provide addresses or book appointments manually.

Any patient can find the information on your website, get to know when is the slot empty and book appointments with you automatically.

This will help you focus more on your dental practices instead of attending calls every time.


Easy & Affordable Marketing of Your Dental Clinic:

If you want to invest in advertising for your dental clinic, there’s no better option than online marketing. It’s affordable, gives better ROI and easily trackable.

But before that, you’ve to get a website where you can send your visitors to.

Many doctors and dental surgeons like Schlechter Dental Care have used online marketing and websites for their dental clinic.

With the help of a dental clinic website, they are not only dominating in a particular city but in the whole country.


A Dental Clinic Website Checklist:

Before you start designing your dental clinic website or outsource it to a web design agency, here are the 8 most important things you should have in your dental clinic website design:

  • Update your Website every month
  • Make your dental clinic website mobile responsive
  • Introduce special offers on your dental website
  • Add videos about your dental practices or team.
  • Add patient testimonials
  • Add prominent call-to-actions
  • Include more and more content
  • Add Social media links on your website


Best Dental Clinic Website Designs:

Here are some good examples of well designed dental clinic websites:



This is one of the best dental clinic website design examples, in terms of design, layout & SEO as well.

A very nice title, call-to-action and a smiling image of the dentist himself. Next up, is the about us section, a video testimonial with a client and other gallery and expertise sections.

Color contrasts and visuals are indeed very important for any dental website designs, and Dr.Maddahi’s website has done all of it quite perfectly.


Atlanta Dental Spa


Atlanta Dental Spa has followed a very nice color scheme of blue and white. A video perfectly showcasing the culture and work ethic of a dental clinic.

A prominent contact us form for booking appointments. The testimonials and team displays are very impressive as well. Along with that, an Instagram feed to connect the audience to social platforms. 10 out of 10 for this wonderful dental website design.


Grand Steel Dental


A very clean and modern website design for a dental clinic. Showing the information that matters at the front page and then putting the information in different sections.

This is a perfect website design example for dentists if you’re looking for a creative and fun design. High-quality visuals and icons are used on the website which makes it even better.


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Thinking about a Dental Clinic Website Re-design?

If you think your dental website needs a “freshen-up look”, talk to a designer anytime to build and improve your brand reputation.

And why not if you can get a website for only $30/month.

By our responsive¬†website designs for dental clinics, we’ve helped dentists increase their number of appointments up to 20%. See you soon!