5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs to be Digital

If you want to keep ahead of your competitors then your business needs to be digital. I realized this too late. I had been reading too much of the traditional marketing books and investing in the conventional methods.

It did produce good results. But no matter what I did, my competitors stayed ahead of me. I was working 24/7 with passion but I was still behind in the game.I was techno phobic at the time and it cost me too much.

I was frustrated and about to quit when I heard Jeff Bazos, the founder of Amazon tell an interviewer,

“Amazon didn’t happen to the traditional bookstores. Future did.”

It was his response to the lashing out of brick and mortar bookstores. They hated Amazon as it had eaten them up. How? It was digital.

Here are the five most important reasons why your small business needs to be digital.


Moving Ahead with the World:


The world is moving at lightning speed. The big sharks will eat up your business if you do not move at this speed. Did you know that 48% of the world’s population used internet in 2017?

And in a developed country the numbers skyrocketed. For example 76.18% of the USA’s population used internet in 2017.

These numbers are rising up quickly and your small business needs to have all the components to keep up with this pace.


Better and Easy Service:


Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bazos’ mantra is

“Start with the customer and work backward.”

Your small business has an upper hand in this. The big companies are too invested into their operations that they easily overlook the customer care.

Your small business is built of passion and you can skip all the technical terms to the plain and simple strategy called customer care.

Investing a little into digital services can take care of you with this.

The reasons are simple.

  • Digital business (Website) stays open 24/7
  • The customer doesn’t need to walk to your store
  • You can talk to different customers all over the world
  • You can cut profits while saving your location costs


You Can Save Loads of Bucks:



You are probably looking to cut costs for your small business, right?

Moving towards digital technologies can do it for you conveniently.

Look at this like this. When you open up a brick and mortar store, you need capital for the stock, location, furnishing, and maintenance.

On the other hand, for a website you just have to pay a fee at the end of the month and you are done!

When you save bucks at the end of costs your profits rise automatically.

And it isn’t expensive too!

You just need to find the right company.

You can build your brand and website within 30 bucks per month with Within Bucks.


Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing:


There may be several reasons why you should invest in digital marketing. But there isn’t a single for why you shouldn’t.

The principles of marketing a brand, product or service with digital technologies is called digital marketing.

Why is it better to market digital?

  • It is relatively cheap. You don’t have to print hundreds of flyers and glue them on walls.
  • You can reach more customers globally. You can even select your target audience.
  • You market smartly. Traditional marketing often has many blind spots. Digital marketing on the other hand specifically targets favored customers.
  • You can monitor its effectiveness at any time.


The Trust Factor:



When I made a website for my small business, I didn’t forget to list all my credentials on it. I had my address, email address, phone no, and picture on it.

When customers look at how transparent your business is, it sends a message that they can trust you. When a customer builds up enough trust he or she becomes a regular one.

Then they tell their friends about you and the fly wheel gets bigger and bigger.



We are living in a fast moving world. If your business doesn’t feed on digital technologies then soon it will be swallowed up by them.

Startups used to be risky but with the digital technologies at rise there isn’t much to lose.

And why not if you can make your small business digital for as low as 30$ per month?

It is nothing if you ask me. I had spent thousands of dollars in my business and couldn’t get the same results as I do now with digital technologies.

But be smart in getting services. Choose the right service provider for you who does not only provide you digital services but also helps you make your small business grow.